Better management of your supplies

Supply management has a major role in the profitability of a company, and therefore a well-considered strategy in this area is essential. Optimizing the management of supplies amounts to adjusting the number of supplier orders to production needs in order to better manage the level of stock. The presence of modern information systems can be adapted to better manage supplies in the present and future activity to cope with increasingly volatile markets.

Setting up reliable and relevant indicators is one of the essentials for setting up efficient management of supplies and more generally of the entire logistics chain.

EPSA Operations & Procurement supports you in defining this strategy and in choosing the tools that best suit your activity, in order to secure the quantities purchased according to production needs while optimizing stock levels.

Our areas of action


In conjunction with production and purchasing management, our teams optimize orders to manage the price and stock level while securing the necessary quantities for production.


Our teams manage the supply chain upstream in order to define the minimum and maximum to be produced, a possible globalization of suppliers and central supply stores.


Our teams secure the level of stock in order to match production needs as closely as possible, by anticipating peaks in needs while optimizing storage, an expensive expenditure item.

the EPSA operations & procurement touch

Our added value

As a leader in operational performance and more specifically in procurement, we integrate supply management into a global procurement logic, integrating the relationship with suppliers.

Our procurement teams specializing in the supply chain streamline panels and ranges by studying the processes as a whole and removing the superfluous parts.

Your goals our solutions

By acting upstream on order optimization, our teams allow you to better manage your storage cost.

By analyzing production needs and anticipating load peaks, our teams make it possible to match orders as closely as possible to production needs.

Specialized in purchasing, our teams intervene upstream by managing the relationship with suppliers in order to optimize ordering and logistics costs.

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meet our expert

« Optimizing supplies effectively requires a global view of the supply chain. As a purchasing specialist, EPSA operates throughout this chain, whether in terms of supplier relations, logistics and storage, in relation to the procurement and production department. »

Yannick Huon – Supply Chain Manager

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