Responsible purchasing to last

Companies are now aware of the extent of the impact of their activities on the environment and on society. The movement is therefore launched to minimize this impact and make it as virtuous as possible. Driven by the regulatory context (Sapin 2 law, Duty of Vigilance, Pacte law, etc.), the implementation of a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy makes it possible to respond to these challenges.

Purchases are an undeniable element for companies wishing to initiate a CSR policy. Adopting a Responsible Purchasing policy and controlling your entire supply chain allows you to reduce the risks that could damage your company’s brand image. This generates stronger and more lasting relationships with its suppliers, and is a criterion of differentiation vis-à-vis the market as a whole. The performance gains of a Responsible Purchasing policy are undeniable, particularly in terms of avoided costs.

EPSA Operations & Procurement relies on its expertise in all purchasing categories to instill a Responsible Purchasing policy in your organizations. From the definition of the Responsible Purchasing strategy to operational implementation, we support you in part or all of the process in line with your objectives.

Our areas of action

Analysis of maturity

Our teams identify CSR risks and opportunities through your purchasing categories, your internal processes through data collection and interviews.

We define your Responsible Purchasing maturity, analyze the risk associated with your suppliers and help you map your stakeholders with regard to your risks.

Strategic recommendations

Our teams identify the major areas of work by purchasing category and identify the strategic suppliers as well as the actions to be implemented as a priority.

Deployment of the strategy

Our teams help you align purchasing processes with Responsible Purchasing policy, develop risk management tools, define efficiency monitoring tools and train internal teams.

Monitoring of activity and supplier performance

Through performance indicators, we measure the financial and extra-financial results relevant to your structure, with readjustment of actions as needed. We are also setting up synergies with the departments concerned (marketing, CSR, communication, etc.).

the EPSA operations and procurement key

Our added value

Our Responsible Purchasing offer is added to our purchasing expertise and our in-depth knowledge of processes and markets.

Our teams, expert buyers, have a specific procurement intervention methodology that improves efficiency and combines strategic vision and operational deployment.

We offer you several offers to be as close as possible to your objectives.

Your objectives our solutions

Our teams, purchasing experts, adapt to your activity and your purchasing process to support you in setting up a Responsible Purchasing policy adapted to your organizational, efficiency and profitability needs.

Our teams conduct a mapping of all your suppliers in order to reduce the social or environmental risk.

We provide you with resources setting up CSR risk management tools, efficiency monitoring tools, specific activities by purchasing category, etc.

Monitor the results of the implementation of a long-term Responsible Purchasing strategy.

meet our expert

“Purchasing is at the heart of any CSR issue. Controlling your entire supply chain is a challenge requiring rigor and mastery of Responsible Purchasing issues. This is why EPSA, with its expertise in purchasing and its CSR knowledge, offers both strategic and operational support to help companies transform in a sustainable manner. “

Delphine Gilet – Responsible Purchasing Director

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