Advice on insurance purchases

Being insured is an obligation. However, it is sometimes difficult to sort out the necessary and the superfluous. However, an ill-adapted insurance program can have dramatic consequences for the business of the company in the event of a major disaster.

This is why EPSA Operations & Procurement supports companies in optimizing the cost of their overall insurance expenditure.

Our areas of action

Property insurance (P&C) purchasing advice

Whatever the sector of activity in France and abroad: civil liability, multi-risk, all IT risks, transport of goods, vehicle fleet, image, fraud against the president, etc.

Advice on personal insurance purchases

Mutuals and provident funds

the EPSA operations and procurement key

Our added value

In a context strongly impacted by the insurance market but necessarily specific to your company and its claims experience, EPSA Operations & Procurement supports the financial, operational and legal departments of companies in mapping your insurance expenses in order to ” identify potential sources of optimization.

You will benefit from the expertise of the teams so that your risk coverage obligation is best suited to the risks to be covered. To this end, EPSA Operations & Procurement supports its clients in carrying out actions aimed at optimizing the associated expenses. Each step can be entrusted to EPSA Operations & Procurement – from the inventory to the signing of service contracts and associated policies.

Your objectives our solutions

Although insurance is an obligation. The choice of the insured remains king. At what level is it necessary to cover your risk and at what price? From property insurance to personal insurance, our experts are able to bring together all the elements allowing all the risks to be covered to be placed on the market. It then becomes possible to consider the rationalization of policies, the renegotiation of contracts, the conduct of calls for tenders – conceptual or not, and to deploy a coverage program adapted to the specific needs of your company.

Since January 1, 2016, the law requires all employers to set up, in their company, complementary health insurance covering all of their employees (article L911-7 of the Social Security Code). Our teams can help you renegotiate these contracts and their effects.

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meet our expert

“The subject of insurance is often sensitive in the company because it can touch the DNA of the general management. And putting players in competition can be tricky. Nevertheless, Epsa OP proposes to optimize this type of expenditure without degrading the coverage of the company. “

Amélie Briand, Associate

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