Understand environmental and energy issues

The purchase of energy (electricity and gas) requires real expertise. It is a complex market characterized by price volatility and constantly evolving regulations, in a context of liberalization of European markets. From now on, purchasing practices are changing and require a plural approach: management and purchasing of supplies, optimization of delivery contracts and control of taxation.

Which option to choose (fixed price, indexed price, swap back, ARENH sale)? When to buy What to buy What measured risks can we take? How to avoid too heavy a tax burden? The experts at EPSA Operations & Procurement respond to all of these issues. They help you optimize all the costs associated with this position.

With its Enoptea software, EPSA Operations & Procurement offers companies anxious to control and optimize their electricity expenses with business software (offered in SaaS mode) dedicated to the management of this sometimes heavy and complex position.

Our areas of action

Digitalization of the energy station

Park mapping, data collection and analysis.

Help to define purchasing strategies

Energy brokerage

Optimization of transport contracts

Optimization of energy taxation and recovery of overpayments

Budget, regulatory and market monitoring

the EPSA operations and procurement key

Our added value

The successful marriage of purchasing expertise and business software.

EPSA Operations & Procurement digitizes the energy station (gas and electricity) using software available in SaaS mode. To this technical competence, EPSA Operations & Procurement adds its purchasing expertise in order to be able to do energy brokerage and allow you to find the best supplier offer right now.

Our customers (in industry or services, public or private) have seen their bills drop by 5 to 20% on a lasting basis.

Your objectives our solutions

Our business software is able to map your fleet, monitor your consumption, manage your contracts and calls for tenders. The data collected feeds into your reports, allowing EPSA Operations & Procurement experts to have very detailed knowledge of your consumption and, thus, to make the right recommendations with the aim of optimizing your energy costs.

The digital solution collects data and provides reliable and accurate data. On this basis, thanks to their purchasing expertise, EPSA Operations & Procurement consultants take on an energy brokerage mission in order to recommend the best offer to you at the moment.

Our references

Mayoly Spindler

meet our expert

“The data collected thanks to our software makes it possible to have a very detailed knowledge of the real energy consumption and to be able to adjust the energy purchase contracts as closely as possible while concentrating on tasks with high added value (taxation …). “

Frédéric Jamet – Energy and Innovation Performance Director at EPSA

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