A specialist actor supporting your purchasing issues

Our purchasing experts offer you cutting-edge support on each of your direct or indirect purchasing issues. Historical activity of the EPSA group, we guarantee in-depth knowledge of supplier markets as well as expertise in Responsible Purchasing.

We meet your needs with management solutions from consultants, on a fixed price basis or with performance plans.

Our associated expertise

EPSA operates across the entire value chain, from redefining internal procedures / policies to setting up tools, including traditional RFPs : TMC, T&E, air & hotel program.

From the definition of the Responsible Purchasing strategy to the operational implementation, we support you in part or all of the process to meet your objectives.

Primary, secondary or tertiary packaging, all materials, EPSA supports you throughout the value chain, from listening to needs to implementing strategies, by incorporating a CSR approach as a real performance lever.

EPSA supports you in monitoring and optimizing the cost of ownership (TCO) by activating various levers identified during a diagnosis of your fleet.

EPSA supports you on the optimization of hardware purchasing policies, IT intellectual services and also on the optimization of printing solutions.

EPSA supports you in controlling invoicing, cleaning parks, benchmarks, adjusting offers and monitoring recommended technical solutions.

EPSA supports you in the audit of services and sites, the choice of service provider, control and monitoring of execution and progress plans.

EPSA supports you in optimizing recruitment, interim, training and coaching purchases.

EPSA supports you in the process of purchasing intellectual services through comprehensive diagnostics.

EPSA supports you in the purchase of merchandising support, media content, webmastering, and in the digitization of processes.

EPSA supports you in the purchase of property and personal insurance.

EPSA supports you in optimizing and managing changes in cleaning, security, maintenance and work services.

EPSA supports you in optimizing the multi-site MRO purchasing process.

EPSA supports you in the management of Public Order procedures and helps you to converge regulatory compliance and purchasing performance.

EPSA supports you in the digitization of the energy item, in the definition of purchasing strategies, energy brokerage, the optimization of transmission contracts and overall market monitoring.

Why EPSA operation and procurement?

Our added value

Because EPSA is one of the leaders in purchasing advice, multi-expert and covering all your issues related to operational performance.

Our consultants work in all sectors of activity, whether in the public or private sector, as well in large CAC 40 structures, as with ETI or SMEs.

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Our purchasing experts are the key partners in your transformation projects, optimization of direct and indirect costs and securing your purchases

Laurent Chartres – Partner – Director of the consulting department

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