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The decrease in public funds, the increase in spending and the acceleration of dematerialization have a strong impact on public sector actors.
In addition, the modernization and transparency of public procurement rules instilled by recent reforms have profoundly modified purchasing practices.

In general, public procurement continues to professionalize and draw inspiration from private sector practices.

In this context, Epsa Operations & Procurement provides any purchaser under public procurement (Ministry, Regional / Departmental Council, City, Local Public Company, Public Establishments, etc.) experts able to assist them in the management of their public procurement both on technical aspects and on contractual and procedural aspects of public procurement. Valuable and decisive expertise in several respects allowing your organization to refocus on its core business, to respond to the implementation of a project, to expand your purchasing practices, …

Our areas of action

Technical Section

Implementation of the technical, contractual and procedural aspect of public procurement, from the determination and translation of needs to the notification of the public contract on any type of purchasing family (supplies, services, intellectual services, information technology and communication, works, industrial).


Technical, administrative, contractual and financial monitoring of the public market.


Outsourcing of the public procurement function for any buyer under public procurement.

Our added value

Our public procurement experts master all of the constituent public contracts, whether they are procedural terms, contractual terms, purchasing techniques and execution methods.

They can intervene in all phases of the public procurement process.

Your objectives our solutions

The intervention of EPSA O&P experts will allow you to refocus on tasks with high added value, which constitute your core business.

They will assist you in the drafting of your public contracts on the technical, administrative and financial aspects (RC, CCAP, CCTP, Deed of engagement, financial annexes – DPGF / BPU / DQE, etc.).

Experts in the public procurement code, EPSA Operations & Procurement consultants are able to absorb and channel all of your public procurement procedures, from the definition of needs to the notification of the contract.

Our references

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meet our expert

“I am responsible for the management of operational support systems in the purchasing / public procurement aspect. Our strength lies in the completeness of our intervention and our capacities: we cover assistance for all types of buyers (contracting authority and contracting entities), sector (construction, energy, education, administration, etc.), purchasing ( works, intellectual services, services, etc.) and at any stage of the public procurement process (sourcing, determination of needs, analysis of offers, negotiations, follow-up of execution, contractual modifications) ”

Public procurement manager consultant

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