The role of Digital in your marketing purchases

In a global context of changing organizations, EPSA Operations & Procurement offers solutions for marketing purchases.

Its objective is to review the operations in place in order to assess their relevance and to propose models likely to generate savings and efficiency gains.
The rise of digital technology is driving business marketing practices at high speed.

The expertise of EPSA Operations & Procurement consultants in terms of organization and Procurement process will allow you to modernize and rationalize your Procurement in this area.

Our areas of action

Production support

Marketing is the presence and visibility via its lively communication channels and points of sale. Operational marketing includes production activities of materials whose supply can be dispersed and not very standardized.

ESPA Operations & Procurement supports its clients in the rationalization of these production operations.


Marketing creates value through image and content production.

To complement creative strategies, there are ways to amplify the impact of marketing messages by choosing personalization, responsiveness, and the multiplication of points of contact.

The establishment of a graphic design or content production studio supports the company in its transformation by simplifying the content design processes and boosting digital production.


The Marketing manager oversees an ecosystem of agencies and forges closer relationships with them.

The procuurement supports the management of the risks inherent in the agency-advertiser relationship and aligns activities with the right model of collaboration, remuneration in relation to the performance indicators chosen.


The digital shift has paved the way for the exceptionally dense emergence of new professions, new players, and new ways of working.

In monitoring its work, EPSA supports its clients to understand new ecosystems and secure client-supplier relationships in these new collaborative models.

the EPSA operations and procurement touch

Our added value

EPSA Operations & Procurement aims to identify all rationalized and industrialized purchasing process . It results in a rationalization of your panel of suppliers and a questioning of the processes by which the advertiser is seeking agencies with the aim to point out the hidden costs.

The expertise of our consultants will provide you with better control of the production chain. An evolution that generally involves the digitization of processes and the implementation of collaborative work and storage tools improving agility and time spent.

The offer is aimed at many sectors, including players in mass distribution, banking and insurance services, consumer goods, industry, and luxury goods.

Your goals our solutions

We start by mapping the current state.

We analyze the contracts in place in order to precisely determine the types of expenses and their amounts.
Based on the typical marketing deliverables identified for the client, we propose and implement new actions aimed at increasing relevance.

We favor suppliers and innovative tools using digital technologies, in order to gain efficiency and time savings in exchanges.

Our experts offer complete support in terms of change management, so that ad hoc changes are sustainably implemented

EPSA Operations & Procurement offers you a follow-up of the teams in order to get them to join the project.

Our references

FNAC Darty

meet our expert

« Beyond the quest for optimization, we are looking for innovation levers synonymous with new ways of working. In terms of costs, the savings vary from 10 to 40%. The analysis of the value of marketing spend must now be done by taking into account the new paradigms of digital transformation that impact the relationship of consumers with a brand. »

Sophie Gonnet, Senior consultant EPSA

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