Optimize your public purchases

In a context of changing public procurement, purchasing today tends to cover the prisms of legal certainty, performance and economic efficiency.

Strong in its willingness to support buyers to meet these new challenges, EPSA has selected experts familiar with the specifics of public procurement able to meet all the needs relating to the process and organization of your purchases.

Whether you are a ministry, a public establishment, a local authority, a public company, a company or a private body falling under public procurement, a group of orders, EPSA is there to:

  • Support you in improving the performance of your purchasing practices,
  • Relieve you of heavy operational management of purchases while securing all procedures and ensuring rigorous compliance with the legal and regulatory framework,
  • Train your teams and help you establish sustainable good purchasing practices,

Our areas of action

Public purchase

EPSA acts on behalf of any public procurement actor, contracting authority and contracting entity, regardless of its nature, activity, constitution, purchasing organization, workforce, purchasing volume, etc.

We have more than 200 clients active in the public sector, including organizations as varied as the SGP (Société du Grand Paris), AFD (Agence Française de Développement), HEC PARIS, INA (Institut National de l ‘ Audiovisual), the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, the town hall of Kaysersberg-Vignoble, the SOLIDEO (Delivery Company of Olympic Works), Action Logement, etc.

Simple or complex projects

EPSA offers its expertise for any type of purchasing project, whatever the field (current supplies, services, industry, works, intellectual services, ICT, etc.), complexity and contractual arrangement (public contracts and concession contracts).

Purchasing process

EPSA supports all or part of your purchasing process, from the definition of needs to the signing of contracts and follow-up.

the EPSA operations and procurement key

Our added value

Our public purchasing experts will provide you with their technical and contractual engineering in order to converge regulatory formalism and purchasing performance, while infusing new practices in your organization and your processes.

By trusting them for the outsourcing of your purchasing procedures, you will save time, secure your processes and will permanently install a new purchasing culture guaranteeing rigor, performance and modernity.

Your objectives our solutions

We ensure, in a reliable, secure and operational manner, all the stages of the project (sourcing, drafting of the consultation file, AAPC, conduct of the constituent phases of the procurement procedure, technical / administrative / financial follow-up, …).

Our teams of senior legal buyers have a perfect command of the rules, workings, contractual and procedural features relating to public procurement. They also take care to reduce the risks of all categories: financial, technical, temporal, human, etc.

Our business analysts are there to promote performance-generating practices (such as sourcing or negotiation) and analyze offers in order to help you optimize costs without ever reducing the level of quality.

Our long experience in purchasing, in the public and private sectors, allows us to identify and formalize good practices, which we share with our customers and on which we train their teams.

We provide you with CSR and Sustainable Development experts who will help you develop a real sustainable purchasing policy: call for adapted companies (EA / ESAT) and integration companies, local purchases, “made in France”, opening to VSEs / SMEs, environmental criteria …

Dematerialization platforms, electronic signature… We support the digital transformation of your purchases.

We interact with your teams and pass on new, virtuous and sustainable working methods to them.

Our references

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meet our expert

“Our strength lies in our ability to bring together the factors” performance “,” operationality “and” public procurement law “to create a synergy tending towards efficient public procurement (economic efficiency, satisfaction of needs, legal security, respect for deadlines). “

Annie PINQUIER – Partner – Director of the Public Department

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