Optimize the management of your IT purchases

Essential in corporate strategy, the IT budget (first budget for non-production purchases) is growing rapidly and includes a number of components : Intellectual IT Service (PII), Hosting, Hardware (telecom, storage, servers, workstations, peripherals), Software (On Premise / SaaS), Printing, Digital …

IT architectures are constantly evolving, especially with Digital and cloud solutions.
RGPDe security of information systems, personal data protection (GDPR), rationalization (SAM), and standardization are all complex subjects CIOs are responsible for. The IT Procurement function must also evolve, it now includes contract management, supplier relationship management (Vendor Management), compliance with CSR commitments while continuing to secure all contracts (legal).

EPSA’s IT / Telecom experts work on historical categories such as the acquisition of hardware and software, the optimization of purchasing policies for IT professional services (consulting panels, TMA-type flat-rate services, outsourcing) and also on the optimization of printing solutions (rationalization, printing policy).

Our areas of action


Our expert teams redefine fundamental functional needs, set up optimized distribution channels, negotiate with the giants of the sector, optimize your Service Level Agreements (SLA) and manage the implementation of catalogs (Punch Outs).


Our expert teams analyze fundamental functional needs, lead contractual renegotiations, and tenders and ensure compliance with publishers.


We perform billing audits, then work on streamlining and optimizing your contracts.

Printing solution

Our teams support IT departments in implementing the most appropriate solutions, in managing and negotiating rental contracts, with or without a purchase option, and service contracts that determine the cost per page.

the EPSA operations and procurement touch

Our added value

Our consultants, from the business world, have a perfect knowledge of these IT / Telecom subjects, they master methodologies and Purchasing Information System and work with both SMEs and large international accounts. They have a precise vision of supplier practices and commercial conditions and know the risks and pitfalls to avoid.

An efficient back office system enables them to know the latest market developments and to have access to relevant benchmarks to analyze responses to calls for tenders.

Your goals our solutions

Given their experience, our teams master negotiation techniques and have at their disposal numerous benchmarks on a wide range of subjects in order to find the service provider that best suits your needs. All this at the best price.

Our teams carry out a diagnosis of all your infrastructures and your application mapping.

Our teams analyze your needs and offer you solutions to adjust your expenses to your needs.

The UCaaS Guide to Solving Solutions

Discover how UcaaS approaches problems and finds solutions, and how implementing one of UCaaS’ solutions will boost your Return On Investment

This guide features subjects such as :

All our solutions to the problems your company may encounter/
A detailed look at profits and impact on performance/
A step-by-step approach to key elements for a successful rollout/
How UCaaS will boost your R.O.I. with its solutions and how to present the project to your Managers and Directors.

Solution Ucaas

Our references

Groupe BPCE
Crédit agricole
Orange bank

meet our expert

« IT, Digital and Telecoms are at the heart of corporate strategy, technological, societal and environmental changes require constant monitoring, our expert consultants do everything they can, on a daily basis, to meet the expectations and requirements of our customers, with a constant focus on performance and excellence. »

Antoine Passat – IT Expert Director

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