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The so-called MRO purchases (for Maintenance, Repair and Operations) concern all purchases related to maintenance, repair and overhaul of operations. In other words, all the products and services useful for production but which do not enter directly into the process of manufacturing a good. This type of Category B and C purchases often means high process costs.

In fact, changes in technology, machinery and corporate buyouts are leading to an increase in the number of spare parts to be managed: which complicates the process of managing spare parts, including the purchasing process.

EPSA Operations & Procurement experts give you the visibility you need in order to optimize the entire value chain through various optimization levers (standardization, substitution, rationalization, inventory reduction, etc.).

Our areas of action


The different steps necessary to control your purchases: implementation of a purchasing categorization relevant to the current market, creation of a single repository (OPM / OEM / EAN, etc.) that can be used by all stakeholders (internal and external), identification of strategic parts (critical, captive, semi-captive, etc.), drafting of specifications, launching calls for tenders, negotiation, contracting, implementation and monitoring.


All maintenance purchases: specific parts, standard parts, optimization of organizations to improve your performance and the relationship with suppliers.

the EPSA operations & procurement touch

Our added value

Thanks to its purchasing methodology proven in all sectors of activity as well as its knowledge of the MRO market , EPSA Operations & Procurement can optimize the entire MRO purchasing process.

EPSA Operations & Procurement consultants support you in finding the optimization levers suited to your activity and focus on considering other solutions such as outsourcing (BPO) or directing you towards a marketplace.

Your goals our solutions

EPSA Operations & Procurement experts will analyze all of your expenses in order to offer you a purchasing strategy as well as optimization levers adapted to your industrial environment.

Rationalize the references and globalize them to consider the volumes in order to obtain negotiation levers with your suppliers.

Our experts will provide you with better pricing conditions while improving the financial and administrative costs associated with this type of purchase. In addition, their actions will have a positive impact on inventory management and on working capital.

Our references

Leroy Somer

meet our expert

« I propose to optimize the purchasing performance of companies by effectively working on the potential offered by methodological action on the MRO category, in particular by rationalizing supplier panels and ranges of products purchased, and by providing innovative solutions in the management of this category. This type of so-called class B and C purchases offer many levers for cost optimization and negotiation with suppliers, either by considering the volume or by challenging needs from the start, or by defining new supplier relationship management process. »

Yannick Huon – Supply Chain BU Manager

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