Consulting at all levels of the company

Nowadays, consulting services (legal advice, strategy advice, audit, training, etc.) concern all the departments of a company, from general management to human resources management, including financial, legal and even the communications management.

This trend reflects a profound transformation of our working methods and legitimizes the interest that procurement departments have in this category.  The financial challenges are significant and the volume of expenditure is constantly increasing.

The support of EPSA Operations & Procurement covers all the critical phases in deciding upon and choosing consulting service providers. It aims for the most efficient choices, from the analysis of the existing situation to the implementation, including the identification of areas for improvement.

Our teams are able to support you on all of your projects (IT projects or Legal components, insurance or statutory audit …) according to your needs.

Our areas of action


From the analysis of the existing state to market studies including sourcing & benchmarking, in order to propose strategic recommendations.


Ensure the operational implementation of strategic recommendations. If it is a question of launching a call for tenders, our teams ensure the process from the drafting of the documents to the conclusion of the contract, including the organization of supplier presentations.


Ensure the monitoring & implementation of new suppliers (drafting of communication supports for internal customers or specific training for example).

the EPSA operations & procurement touch

Our added valeue

EPSA Operations & Procurement can provide you, first of all, with a “financial gain”, a direct consequence of the analysis of the processes and collaborations in place. The duration of contracts, performance indicators or even defined service levels may, for example, be unsuitable.

But beyond this audit work, we make every effort to best meet the needs of your internal customers, and thus improve their satisfaction, by putting them in contact with targeted alternative service providers and experts in their domain.

Your goals our solutions

The 1st decisive step in the analysis of the existing situation, the experts collect all the information provided in documents from the client’s invoicing database or even contractual base

In order to develop a complete, critical and constructive inventory, we take the time to listen to company spokespersons, within departments such as HR, the financial department, accounting, etc.

From improving organizational processes for departments to purchasing conditions, EPSA O&P experts offer strategic recommendations aimed at meeting customer needs.

The experts at EPSA Operations & Procurement take care of the entire process. They fully prepare tenders and contracts and manage contacts with stakeholders, so as to relieve you of these complex, long and time-consuming tasks.

Regular, reliable and precise reporting is offered throughout the process, from upstream to downstream at different project level (weekly monitoring committee, bi-monthly steering committee, strategic committee at each major stage with presentation of deliverables).

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« The comprehensiveness of our support, combined with the high level of our expertise, makes this offer particularly relevant for large and medium-sized organizations. »

Xavier Berrig, Senior Partner, EPSA Operations & Procurement

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