Better manage your warehousing

Good warehouse management is the key to successfully mastering the Supply Chain. The logistics specialist must manage as well as possible the incoming flows in the warehouse, the internal flows, composed of the management of receptions, stocks and shipments, and outgoing flows. This transversal process requires having a global knowledge of the functioning of a warehouse but also of logistics and orders.

Many questions arise regarding warehouse management? Should the service be outsourced or not? Which provider to use? Which location to choose for my warehouse? How to reduce the number of trucks on the roads? Which IS tool to implement?

EPSA Operations & Procurement support you in the implementation of your warehousing strategy and can optimize this important item of expenditure while ensuring optimal customer relationship.

Our areas of action


Our teams provide you with concrete solutions for storage management, the location of your warehouses, the model (3PL, 4PL, 5PL…), the IS adapted to implement, for better agility of your storage.


Our teams support you in setting up efficient order management processes in order to ensure a good link between production centers and customer requests in order to cultivate an optimal customer relationship.


Our teams define the distribution strategy best suited to your needs, so that your products reach the right customer as soon as possible and under the best possible conditions.

the EPSA operations & procurement touch

Our added value

A leading player in operational performance and more particularly in procurement, we integrate warehousing management into a global procurement logic.

Our procurement teams specialized in supply chain globally optimize the performance of your warehouses having a strong orientation.

Your goals our solutions

Our teams provide you with lean management solutions, demand planning, SKU optimization in the management of your warehousing.

Our teams support you in the correct organization of your warehouses, and in matching the upstream part with the needs of end consumers.

Our teams define strategies allowing an improvement of the customer experience by providing you with adapted solutions for distribution and order management.

meet our expert

« Given of our knowledge of procurement, we understand the warehouse environment as a whole. This allows us to globally optimize performance while having a very strong customer orientation in order to offer high quality service. »

Yannick Huon – Supply Chain Manager

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