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In a context of cost center optimization research, EPSA Operations & Procurement offers a performance plan applicable to a multitude of subjects: optimization of purchase families, cash recovery, reduction of expenses, financing. It shows gains on several levels.

The performance plan proposed by EPSA Operations & Procurement consists of scrutinizing the different families of expenses in order to improve visibility on this plan.

This involves mapping the elements that make up the cost items and how they are achieved.

Other elements are also taken into account: the identification of double payments, billing errors or payment of contributions can generate quick wins, as can the renegotiation of certain contracts which have expired.

All our expertise is called upon to improve the results of your business.

Our areas of action

Short term

The identification of double payments, payment errors relating to social charges, the optimization of the amounts of AT / MP contributions are all elements that can be synonymous with rapid gains, as is the renegotiation of certain contracts coming to an end ( electricity suppliers, etc.).

Medium term

Other gains are possible, as in the case of optimizations relating to purchases of consumables, or even IT categories. This type of intervention often requires support for change.

Other opportunities

Other subjects, such as the questioning of fleet management contracts in large groups, constitute structural reforms that require 6 to 18 months of work. Here again, the gains can be considerable.

Our added value

The first benefit is financial.
Thanks to our prioritization matrix, you will be able to set up a real resource allocation strategy according to the challenges. The performance plan generates gains, processes in place, streamlining of the entire activity.

It is aimed at large SMEs or mid-cap companies, which do not necessarily have the means or the structure to put in place an action plan of this type.

Your objectives our solutions

It is thus possible to better assess the amounts, the work of the prescriber who is at the origin, to know the turnover rate of suppliers …

By mapping your expenses, EPSA Operations & Procurement experts find that they are not always assigned to the most suitable category.

For example, some expenses are associated with IT, when in reality they are intellectual services or marketing projects.

The diagnosis may reveal that some expenses were not subject to prior negotiation.
EPSA Operations & Procurement then proposes to create a process of governance and validation of associated orders, which makes it possible to integrate the purchasing department into the problem detected.

Areas of negotiation can also be identified on your customer pricing, by scrutinizing your positioning in relation to your challengers, for similar volumes.

Purchasing methods are called into question by this approach: it is sometimes preferable to group your industrial purchases by involving fewer suppliers or through a single distributor, which gives you greater purchasing power and puts you in a strong position to negotiate.

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“After our diagnosis, depending on the type of expenditure concerned, we offer the customer to rate and sequence the savings to be made in the short, medium and long term. “

Laurent Chartres, EPSA Operations & Procurement Director

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