Operational advice in packaging procurement

Packaging, previously a neglected element in the decision-making chains of brands, marketing and buyers, has come to the fore and is now an integral part of business strategies. This development is linked to a real global ecological awareness of consumers, leaders and states. This was notably triggered by the numerous scandals regularly affecting the environment.

Ecological sensitivity, explosion of internet distribution and e-market, increase in regulations: in a few months, the packaging industry and the businesses which result from it have experienced upheavals. All players have no other choice than to adapt to new market conditions, as packaging remains absolutely necessary with its protection and conservation features.

Operational advice in packaging procurement, beyond mastery of purchasing methods and tools, requires excellent knowledge of suppliers, materials, and almost daily developments in the field of Eco-design and the “Green attitude”.

EPSA offers to support you throughout the value chain, from listening to needs, to implementing strategies, by incorporating a CSR approach as a real performance lever.

Our areas of action


We cover the 3P of Packaging: packaging items, packaging, industrial consumables.


Our field of action covers: cardboard, plastic, glass, metal …

Whether there are problems with your cardboard packaging or your injected vials, metal cases or printed cases, we can provide you with our expertise on a daily basis.

the EPSA operations & procurement touch

Our added value

Our leading position in the purchasing consulting market gives you access to purchasing processes, tools and methods that have proven their worth with 500 active clients, in all sectors of activity (Perfumery, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Luxury goods, Food industry, etc.).

Our consultants are above all procurement professionals, having worked in renowned companies and experts in their fields. We are committed to listening to your internal needs, in order to offer you packaging purchasing solutions, while integrating CSR approaches at each stage of the process.

By collaborating with EPSA, you choose a trusted partner, by your side to secure your packaging projects, in a context of sustainable development.

Your goals our solutions

Support you on a daily basis in all your packaging procurement projects (replacement of resources or increased costs)

Management of tenders (definition of needs, negotiation, contractualization) by integrating marketing needs, regulatory constraints, technical requirements, Incoterms, production runs, securing supplies, ecological criteria, etc.

Use the 3 powerful levers of innovation, progress and economic performance, namely the 3Rs: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse for your packaging, taking into account the analysis of the overall life cycle of your products

Provide you with a detailed procurement nomenclature adapted to your needs and map your purchases, classifying your expenses by materials, technologies, suppliers, country

Define a packaging strategy and proceed with the implementation of an action plan

Control the management of supplier relations, with the establishment of KPI’s,, Business Reviews, and Improvement plans in a logic of continuous improvement

Organize compliance with your suppliers according to your CSR objectives (monitoring tools, audits, action plans) and manage supplier risk (financial, technical risk audits, sustainable development)

Train your teams in technological and ecological advances through constant monitoring of the packaging sector

Our references


meet our expert

«The Packaging Buyer must adapt to new technologies and be constantly on the lookout for advances and innovations in sustainable development.
In addition to being responsible for providing the best packaging solution (economic, logistics, quality, technical) for the company, the buyer must also guarantee total control of the various risks for the entire packaging production cycle while ensuring total compliance of its suppliers.
Epsa proposes support on a daily basis to optimize your packaging purchases, meeting the objectives of all internal players, by offering you concrete and measurable solutions, in line with your CSR policy. »

Delphine Gilet – Luxury Purchasing Expert

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