For the improvement of business processes

EPSA Operations & Procurement is recognized for its ability to implement projects leading to significant productivity gains. Our clients come to us when they have problems planning and tracking their resources.

We then intervene by proposing the implementation of new management methods after analysis of the current organization.

Our areas of action


In 2 to 5 days it is possible to determine the scope of the mission and to quantify the gains we are committed to. It is carried out based on a lump sum contract.


Ranging from 9 to 18 months, it includes 4 stages:

  • Design and validation of new operating methods in agreement with the management and the field
  • Establishment and implementation of new operating modes
  • Staff training and achievement of results
  • Gradual withdrawal thus guaranteeing the autonomy of the client’s managers and the sustainability of the new culture put in place

Why EPSA operation and procurement ?

Our added value

Because EPSA is composed of 45 professionalswho apply a methodology improving customer performance in areas as varied as services, production, maintenance or supply chain.

Your goals our solutions

Increase labor productivity gains (internal and subcontractor) in order to obtain a result in financial or indirect terms in terms of quality or service: Our teams will be able to establish with you a road map according to a “fixed price with commitment to results” formula.

Create and implement new modes of operation to achieve the level of performance you expect.

Create and implement new modes of operation to achieve the level of performance you expect.

Our references

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meet our expert

Our method was developed with the aim of helping our clients improve their operational performance by permanently modifying their operating methods and the culture of their teams. We have brought to the market a product that directly links team culture with financial results. The applications are numerous and directly in line with most of the strategic issues of current departments.

Régis Marique – Managing Partner – Organization Efficiency Practice Manager

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