Set up qualitative corporate catering

The demand for corporate catering is more and more demanding: better meals, organic or local, seasonal, with short supply chains, more responsible from an environmental point of view but also more convivial spaces favoring exchanges. All of this obviously while keeping costs under control, in strict compliance with regulatory and health constraints.

Uses are very much modified (flex office, teleworking,.); the spaces must be shared and accessible apart from the simple lunch break (co-working, collaborative hubs, etc.).

The client – whether from the public or private sector – expects real support on all facets of his project. The cost-based analysis model is no longer enough. The proposed solution must integrate environmental, social, economic and cultural issues. The so-called Egalim law sets new perspectives. The corporate catering policy is also strategic, it concerns all departments and must correspond to the expectations of guests, employees, HR management and the working environment.

EPSA Operations & Procurement offers you individualized operational support whatever the public concerned (nursery, school, student, patient, adult at work). When we make the service of corporate catering more reliable, we help to meet the various commitments of the company: from the provision of technical expertise to the improvement of the conditions and methods of performance of the teams, by favouring the implementation visible qualitative markers.

Our areas of action


Our teams carry out an operational and current organizational audit, focusing on the quality of service provided, premises and equipment, regulations, user satisfaction, and support you on restructuring projects.


Our teams support you throughout the process of selecting a suitable partner: choosing the type of call for competition and the schedule, drafting consultation documents, analyzing offers, preparing for and participating in negotiations, drafting final contracts and identification of KPIs and management methods.


Our teams carry out on-site and documentary checks, coordination of the management process, creation of dashboards, alert systems, analysis of activity reports, realization of satisfaction surveys, dispute handling and negotiation strategy.


Our teams assess the service provided, identify areas for improvement and target values, prepare for and participate in negotiations with the service provider and formalize the progress obtained by amendments.


New concepts, third places, fight against food waste, circular economy, labeling of restaurants …

the EPSA operations & procurement touch

Our added value

EPSA Operations & Procurement, via Agriate, has been a recognized independent player in the market for more than 15 years. With more than 500 references on the subject, both in the public and private sectors, and 40 million accompanied meals per year, we have a benchmark of all operators in the sector.

Our teams of specialized buyers, nutritionists, lawyers and agro engineers are developing new services for civic and responsible corporate catering.

Your goals our solutions

Our teams are developing new services for civic and responsible catering, geared towards the expectations of your employees, thanks to a multidisciplinary team (nutritionists, engineers, lawyers, etc.).

Our teams carry out strategic management integrating connected tools for quality control (guarantee of regulatory and health compliance, implementation of a progress plan) and operational (control of contract compliance, operational monitoring, measurement of client satisfaction, etc.).

Our references

Rennes école nomale supérieure

meet our expert

« Collective catering cannot remain a simple technical subject; we support you to make it an element of excellence in terms of quality of life at work, social and sustainable responsibility.
Your project is unique: it must be the bearer of your values.
The singularity of our firm consists in the internalization of all the expertise necessary for the realization of your project, under conditions suitable to guarantee a smooth contract execution. »

Annie Pinquier – Director of Collective Catering expertise

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