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The Facility Management model is based on 2 principles: aggregation of services and outsourcing. There are many players in this market and the trend is towards market concentration. At the same time, the offer is more and more varied and complex: the options for companies are numerous and the strategy to be adopted must be thought out before launching consultations to optimize costs but above all the organization.
The modeling of Facility Management is thus at the heart of the thinking of companies, now concerned with improving the cost-benefit ratio by taking into account social dimensions, the work environment and the challenges of productivity, responsiveness and flexibility.

The building maintenance market now also includes energy management, which requires specific skills. Under the responsibility of service providers, energy performance has become a priority since the promulgation of the law on energy transition.

EPSA tools and expertise support customers in defining needs, researching the offer and managing change. SLA, KPI, progress plan, management and monitoring over the duration of the contract can allow potential economic optimization of 10% to 30%, coupled with efficient organizational improvement.

Our areas of action


The services relating to SOFT FM cover all the services that revolve around employees such as cleaning, security, reception, catering, green spaces, concierge, factutom … By creating a safe and secure working environment. pleasant, these services contribute to the operational excellence of your employees.

Our teams model strategies adapted to your needs, according to your sector of activity, the nature of your premises, your way of working and your desire for results.


HARD FM services correspond to the operation, maintenance and improvement of the building and its equipment. While ensuring the safety of occupants, good management of equipment (HVAC, HTBT, HVAC, SSI, access control, fluids, CFA / CFO, Lighting, plumbing, cold water system, automatic doors, elevators, etc.) improve the energy performance of the building.

Our teams analyze organizations, propose preventive or corrective consolidation strategies with multi-technical contracts and piloting implementations.

Travaux : Deux grandes typologies de travaux

A real building site, the structural work helps structure the infrastructure. These are major achievements that concern the structure and solidity of the building. This work is the responsibility of the owner and requires the intervention of many stakeholders.

The second work concerns the areas of all trades for the establishment and rehabilitation of spaces (electrical installation, plumbing, finishing work, etc.).

The work is carried out in order to make the building habitable and functional. These works are the responsibility of the tenant.
Our teams support you in project management, piloting and coordination of stakeholders, and offer you solutions according to the nature of your work projects, in particular aspects including flex office, digitalization, HQE …

the EPSA operations and procurement key

Our added value

Our Facility Management consultants are purchasing experts mastering the processes developed through multiple experiences with clients of all sizes, thereby increasing efficiency. Their knowledge of the various Facility Management markets allows a targeted approach to your issues.

We also integrate CSR issues into each of our approaches in order to offer an optimal quality service.

Your objectives our solutions

On a flat-rate basis or in staffing, our teams bring you their expertise to carry out your projects.

Due to our many years of experience, we have quality benchmarks that allow you to make the right decisions.

Our global vision of FMs makes it possible to approach your FM expenses as a whole in order to identify the best avenues for optimization.

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“Outsourcing FM services allows companies to refocus on their core business. This perimeter is now identified as a means of creating added value in terms of performance, innovation, quality of life at work, and contributes greatly to operational excellence and the implementation of CSR policies. “

Aurélie Fort, FM business expert

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