Detect and recover your supplier liquidity

In matters of commercial relations, the legal limitation period is 5 years. This means that you have 5 years to sift through your supplier invoices for the purpose of detecting possible invoicing, posting and payment errors: invoices paid twice, credit balances not collected and VAT errors. It is important to note that we find results in 97% of cases.

Our areas of action

Audit of accounts payable

The audit of your company’s accounts payable first involves analyzing your accounts payable in order to issue risk reports.

These risk reports are prepared by our tools and processed by our accounts payable audit experts. They form the basis of our analyzes which will then be supported by verification on the spot and in your systems.


Our teams are able to deploy these analyzes across all of your company’s legal entities. Whether you have 10 or 300, the power of our tools has no limit!

Our expertise is at the service of your accounting department, which will only have to validate or invalidate the detections that will be returned to you regularly.


Once these detections have been identified and validated, the EPSA teams take charge of recovering the sums that will be paid directly to your bank accounts.

Our added value

This initiative represents a rapid inflow of cash for a residual workload incumbent on your accounting teams. EPSA Operations & Procurement takes care of everything! From data collection to recovery. Since this is strict law enforcement, no negotiation is required.

Whether you have one or more ERP is not a problem since our tools have been developed to overcome this and allow you to work on raw data; Once the data has been loaded, our teams only need a few days to produce an initial report aimed at providing you with information on the volumes of invoices that will be the subject of the analysis. In a few months you will have scanned the last five years but in addition identified the corrective actions to be implemented to prevent errors from recurring.

The contribution of artificial intelligence made available by EPSA O&P represents in this area a guarantee of reliability and speed of the results obtained. You will be able to request the missing amounts more quickly from the suppliers concerned.

Your objectives our solutions

This type of assignment requires very little availability of human resources from the client company as long as the O&P teams have access to the data.

Intervention in total autonomy is possible thanks to the contribution of almost unique artificial intelligence technology.

The verifications cover 100% of the expenditure, over the last 5 years, as authorized by the legal framework.

With the help of artificial intelligence, EPSA Operations & Procurement results in speed of execution, reliability of reports, accurate filing, and total recovery.

The technological solution integrates a machine learning system, which allows it to learn autonomously and to improve its research over time, especially in relation to the most unique cases.

The contribution of artificial intelligence represents a significant differentiating advantage, as the tool is able to process millions of lines in record time and with unparalleled reliability.

With this solution, there is no risk of letting mistakes slip through the cracks.

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meet our expert

“The technological tool used by EPSA O&P makes it possible to isolate faults in a much finer and faster way than with manual processing”

Emmanuel Laquière, EPSA Operations & Procurement Commercial Director

“The combination of efficient tools and the expertise of our consultants will allow you not only to recover cash but also to implement corrective actions corresponding to the errors identified”

Amélie Briand, Cash Recovery Director

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